Reviews for “Doc Martin,” Series 8, Episode 1

“Doc Martin” S8E8 aired a week ago on ITV in the UK, and the critics seem to be loving the new series. Read all the reviews and see the photos at:

The ARTery:


The Guardian:

The Telegraph:  doc martin series 7 episode 8 review


1 thought on “Reviews for “Doc Martin,” Series 8, Episode 1

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to the new series of “Doc Martin”! I spent a couple of days in and around Port Isaac after Buckham Fair, and was reminded how very much I enjoy the tv series (and Cornwall) and why!

    I’d also recommend taking a look at “Strike” (reviewed in the same Guardian article as “Doc Martin”), if it ever hits the U.S. I saw the first two episodes of “Cuckoo’s Calling” in the U.K., but missed the last show because it aired after my visit ended. The suspense was too much, and prompted me to finally pick up “Cuckoo’s Calling” and read it when I got home. It was an engrossing read and moved at a good clip. I’m hoping to dive into “Silkworm” next.

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