“Doc Martin” Series 9 to Film in 2018!

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UPDATE: This story was in error. Series 9 will be filmed in 2019. See https://karengilleland.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/doc-martin-will-film-series-9-in-2019/

According to the Sun, Martin Clunes announced that Series 9 of “Doc Martin” will film and air in 2018, rather than taking the traditional two-year break. Read the entire story at:https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/4926298/doc-martin-season-9/



8 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” Series 9 to Film in 2018!

  1. Please do not finish doc Martin! It is the best programme on tv. We need some lighthearted comedy and I could not cope in this world without having doc Martin to look forward to! Please don’the say it’seems the end!!

  2. I enjoyed Series 8. I’m glad Martin and Louisa are going through normal marital pains! I truly enjoyed all the characters! I’m hoping that they round it out with a series 10.

  3. I want MORE ROMANCE between Louisa and Martin. Instead, I felt that S8 had both of them crabby and frenzied about Louisa’s career change, her consuming anxieties about ongoing child care problems and her motherly guilt about missing milestones of James’ growth because she’s away working or attending classes towards a career change. Everything seems to be Louisa’s priority except showing tenderness to Martin. Disappointing. Moreover, when Martin mentioned that it was their day to “have lunch together” Louisa had to cancel and expected Martin to easily understand. When Martin was late arriving for the tour of the daycare facility. . . Louisa was angry and fault-finding with Martin. Days later when Louisa was late for daycare meeting, Martin took it in his stride. Meanwhile, neither of them mentioned their commitment to focused efforts to “get their marriage” on track for day to day harmonious loving happiness. Devoting special attention to strengthening their marriage seems to have gotten LOST, definitely by Louisa. tsk, tsk, tsk. S8 was disappointing to me. Martin was often willing to defer what he wanted if doing something contrary “would make you (Louisa) happy”. In fact, Martin asked Louisa several times “Is that what’s making you unhappy?” and “If we get a dog will that make you happy?” and so on. But… it seemed to me that Louisa was not holding up her end of the flag.
    Peggy in Orlando FL

    • Hi Peggy, I liked S8 okay, but I agree with you completely in your comments. I have always said that the compelling power of DM was in the tender scenes between the Doc and Louisa. We haven’t had any of those special moments the past 3 seasons (except for the wedding). I think the writers have been so much more invested in creating “tension,” since tension traditionally drives a story, that they have overlooked the reasons why people watch DM–for the laughs and the love. As you pointed out, Louisa’s character has been very self-centered–so very different from the days of S1-5, when she was the one showing compassion and understanding.

      • Hi Karen, and all, I totally agree with you that Season 8 seemed to have done away with the tender scenes and the special moments between the Doc and Luisa that made a lot of us fall in love with them in Series 1-6. This could have been the series that featured more of their attempts to repair their relationship instead of too many medical issues that our Doc had to deal with. I sure hope the producers have gotten a lot of this kind of feedback so they can find more writers and stories that will focus again on our dear Doc and Luisa rekindling their romance. In fact, you have written some of the most beautiful and tender stories in your Fan Fiction. Buffalo Pictures and the future series of Doc Martin will be better off contacting you, Karen. I hope they do!

    • I couldnt have said it better! I totally agree with everything you’ve written about series 8. There was no love shown to doc by louisa. She acted so self centered. In addition i noticed some new writers for the show and the story lines were not believable.
      I think its time to close this series that was heretofore a really good show.

  4. Hi Tina, thanks for you kind words. You have always been so supportive of my FanFiction. Sorry that I haven’t had a chance to write more because it was great fun. I think the story lines, beginning with S6, put me off a bit and I couldn’t get in the spirit of new fiction. I hope S9 changes the tone a bit.

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