UK TV Ratings Remain High for “Doc Martin” — Martin Clunes May Film Series 10!

According to Wikipedia, all eight episodes of “Doc Martin” garnered high TV ratings. Go to the link and scroll down to Series 8.

Also, according to Digital Spy, Martin Clunes said that he has “no immediate plans to retire Portwenn’s grumpiest GP Doc Martin, despite claims that the much-loved show would be coming to an end after series nine.”

8 thoughts on “UK TV Ratings Remain High for “Doc Martin” — Martin Clunes May Film Series 10!

  1. The writers could come up with more episodes featuring more time with the costars along with our beloved Martin and Louisa. Always look forward to replaying my complete series but feel disappointed when each episode ends,

  2. Be great to see our Doc continue and Why carnet they make it some other places like other town or country like Australia and state of Tasmania why not, Doc Martin will travel or not.
    It is the only TV series worth watching in my book well it is the best of a long line-up.

  3. I am frustrated with Louisa and her cold approach to Doc in series 8. I believe Doc is trying to be a better husband and Father and Louisa is only interested in her future life and career. I wish the writers would make them more loving and passionate to each other. let’s see them kiss and cuddle for once! And why does Doc never kiss James Henry, he just touches his head and face to see if he is hot! It is not natural. we know he loves his son and wife, so let him show more affection to them. in series 7 when they are in therapy the therapist tried to point out that Louisa was as responsible for their marriage problems as Martin. I always felt she wanted Martin to do things he could not manage, for instance the sports day debacle when Louisa chases Doc and gets hit by a car. I am looking forward to series 9 and hopefully 10! I adore Martin Clunes in anything he does but especially as Doc Martin. what a great actor he is. Please let’s see him and Louisa happy and in love, for a change. I am tired of their conflict and Louisa stomping out and down that hill when she is angry with Doc. Your biggest English fan, Marian.

    • I totally agree with you. I think when Ben Bolt, the director of S1-5, left, the tone of the series changed. Louisa became much more strident, and Doc became a bit wimpy. I have suggested that there be more tenderness between them, but that has never happened. We’ll have to cross our fingers when S9 comes out.

      • I love the Doc and Louisa who is a Babe I need the Doc Martin series keep going it is the Best show on TV world wide it is Funny and informative with medical stuff.

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