“Doc Martin” will film Series 9 in 2019


Last year, it was reported in The Sun that Series 9 of “Doc Martin” would be filmed in 2018. I’ve got it straight from the horse’s mouth (meaning from Buffalo Pictures) that that information was incorrect. Series 9 will be filmed in 2019, which is Martin Clunes’ normal practice of filming every other year. 


10 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” will film Series 9 in 2019

  1. I love love the show, but I do feel that it started to go downhill from season 6 onwards. Louisa has become very selfish, it’s mostly about her. Martin is more open to changes in himself and adjusting his habits so as to suit Louisa, but nothing seems to be enough. She knew him well enough before they got married, yet as soon as they were married she started finding a fault with everything Martin does and the way he is. Even during their therapy sessions in season 7 she is not willing to compromise or follow therapist’s advice and by default help their relationship. I am very frustrated with how Louisa’s character has developed; she’s become very irritating. While Martin is willing to adjust (within his power) to salvage their marriage because he loves her, Louisa is not willing to deal with her issues. It’s all “Martin’s issues”, “Martin’s problems”, but when asked about her family, she says that she grew up in a perfectly normal household. Lies! She is as damaged as Martin, in her own way, but is not willing to work on her issues. I think Ruth sees that and is hurting for Martin. I want the show to go on for years, but if they continue in the direction of the last 2 seasons (in particular), then they better end it altogether with season 9 hopefully on a high note. I would like to see Martin to grow further in his career. He deserves it. It is sad to see how many chances he’d missed over the years because of Louisa and being stuck in this village (however beautiful it is). It is obvious that he didn’t plan to stay there for good but now he is stuck: stuck in life and in his career.

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