Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Martin Clunes’ wife

unnamedHello has an in-depth story on Philippa Braithwaite, Martin Clunes’ wife. Martin even talks about how and where he proposed. As you know, Philippa is the producer of “Doc Martin” and many other TV programs, which include several that Martin has starred in.

Read the entire article and see the photos here:


4 thoughts on “Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Martin Clunes’ wife

  1. In that article Phillipa is using “Louisa’s handbag”!, although I am sure this one actually belongs to her. We had a discussion about that handbag on the DM digital spy forum many threads ago. I thought it was just a $100 handbag, but someone commented that it was a Bottegaveneta job and costs about $2,600. in US dollars.

  2. To further comment on my May 23rd reply above, if you search Doc Martin digital spy part 14 Louisa’s handbag, it will bring you to page 8 of part 14 where there is a lively discussion of Louisa’s brown Bottega veneta handbag plus the clothes worn on the show by Martin and Louisa. The previous page 7 also has interesting comments.

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