Laughing at “Doc Martin” has helped cancer patients

According to Female First, Martin Clunes receives letters from cancer patients who say “Doc Martin” helps them through treatment.

The 57-year-old actor, who plays the titular role of Dr. Martin Ellingham in the ITV series, has been left touched by the number of people who have reached out to share how much the medical comedy-drama means to them.

He said: “We get these lovely letters every day, saying how much they like it and what they were doing when they were watching it.

“There are a number of people going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy and said: ‘This is what got me through.'”

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2 thoughts on “Laughing at “Doc Martin” has helped cancer patients

  1. Doc Martin is my favourite show of all times. Yes, I do laugh and yes it has also helped get me through my chemo. I’ve been there twice to meet him and watch the filming flying at great expense from Canada to Port Isaac and looking forward to being able to do it at least once more before the cancer takes over. Thank you Martin Clunes.

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