Martin Clunes talks about Series 9 of “Doc Martin.” (Sign up for Acorn TV to watch the episodes beginning Sept. 26.)

James Williams, of NewsTalk Florida, spoke to Martin Clunes, who was at home in England, and the article is posted at

I like what Martin says in response to this question by Williams. 

“Williams: You know if Louisa had a Facebook Page under the relationship tab it would likely read “Married but it’s complicated. How has the relationship between Martin and Louisa changed in series nine?

“Clunes: (Laughs) Yes, Martin would not have a Facebook Page but Louisa would no doubt. Well, I think that things are better between them, it is far less confrontational and much more centered on the family.”

Martin seems to be saying that the series is returning somewhat to the tone of the early series, where Louisa’s character wasn’t so harsh. 

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