The truth from Martin Clunes about why “Doc Martin” will end with Series 10

In Martin Clunes’ own words, he tells us why he’s pulling the plug on “Doc Martin.” According to Digital Spy, Clunes appeared on the talk show, “Loose Women,” and revealed why it was time for the show to ride off into the sunset.

“All good things have to come to an end, and I’m sure there are lots of people who aren’t fans of the show who think it’s terribly repetitive anyway. But we’re at huge pains not to repeat ourselves,” he said.

“I just think we’ve sort of done everything. I mean, it would be so great to just sort of carry on, but I don’t think we can keep it as good.”

Other news media have picked up the story as well. You can enjoy their take on the news, as well as photos. Here’s a link to Hello!

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