From “Doc Martin” FanFiction to my first mystery, DIAMOND IN THE DESERT

Thanks to your encouraging comments about my “Doc Martin” FanFiction, I warded off boredom during the pandemic by writing a mystery novel. Diamond in the Desert is very much in the spirit of “Doc Martin.” It’s a light mystery laced with humor and romance. No grumpy hero but plenty of action, intriguing characters, and sinister motives.

Diamond in the Desert will be published on Amazon in a few weeks, and a Hope Diamond Mysteries website is under construction. When the book goes live, I’ll post a notice on this blog. I also plan to post freebee short stories based on the book’s characters here and on the website.

Here’s a taste of the plot.

Hope Diamond, head of Diamond Security, must find a killer among the very clients she is hired to protect. The assignment should have been a routine protection job—security for four wealthy women and their entourages at Secret Sands Resort in the Navajo Nation for a week of secret meetings. That’s until one of the guests turns up dead.

When FBI Agent Matt Dennison lands at Secret Sands, Diamond must overcome his hostility to solve the case. Native customs and the all-encompassing desert permeate the investigation while chindi, the dead woman’s spirit, casts a menacing shadow.

The clock is ticking. Diamond must catch the killer before the guests depart. But how do you unmask a killer you’re being paid to protect?



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