“Doc Martin” star Martin Clunes to speak at The Regent cinema in Christchurch in July

Set in an Art Deco original cinema, “A Weekend by the Sea with TPTV” is a celebration of film and TV history, with lots of newsreels, short films, Saturday Morning Pictures, lost TV episodes and films on the big screen (some projected live from 35mm!).

Martin Clunes will speak about his father, Alec Clunes, a film and stage actor who died when Martin was only eight. Alec Clunes’s stage and film roles included parts in the wartime drama “One of Our Aircraft is Missing” and Laurence Olivier’s “Henry V.”

Lots of other celebrities will appear, including Academy Award winner, Sarah Miles. The price is £30 each day or £50 for Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the UK, it sounds like a great event to attend.

Check details at https://www.renownfilms.co.uk/product-category/a-weekend-by-the-sea-with-talking-pictures-tv-at-the-regent-centre-christchurch-july-16th-and-17th-2022/

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