“Doc Martin” favorite characters: Where are they now?

Express does a nice roundup of favorite characters and tells us what they have been up to since playing on “Doc Martin.” You’ll get updates on Judy Punch (Elaine–my favorite receptionist, although I like all of the women who’ve played the role, but Elaine put the Doc in his place)–and lots of other favorites, including Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole).

Ben Miller (Stewart the Ranger) with Martin Clunes (Doc Martin)

They missed my all-time favorite character and episode, which was Stewart James (Ben Miller) in Series 1, episode 4 “The Portwenn Effect.” Here are a couple sites about Ben Miller. One lists a lot of the shows he’s been in, and the other mentions “Doc Martin” 2022. I wonder if we will see Stewart, the Ranger, in the final series.



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