Sam North’s “Doc Martin” Books Available


Sam North’s Doc Martin: Mistletoe and Whine and Practice Makes Perfect are available in the UK and in the United States.


Favorite Moments

My sister is visiting from California, and she had never watched “Doc Martin.” Obviously, she needed DM exposure. After several marathon sessions, she finished all the series and can be classified as a fan (perhaps not insanely addicted). Watching the early series  and hearing her laugh reminded me of some favorite DM lines and scenes. I am creating a new category – “Favorite Moments” – to post memorable lines and scenes as they come to mind. Please feel free to join in with your own favorites. Post a reply, providing your first name, city and state, and, if you remember, the series and episode. I will be happy to include your favorites.

My own all time favorite line:

S1E4: Ranger Stewart James (wonderfully played by Ben Miller), describing gray squirrels, shotgun in hand, screams at the “Doc”: “They are the squirrel equivalent of the Nazis!”

(At the moment, the “create new category” function isn’t working for me. I’ll keep trying. In the meantime, if you want to add a favorite moment of your own, please reply to this article.)


A lovely moment comes at the end of S1E5 when Martin consoles Aunty Joan as her long lost lover sails away in the harbor below. Joan learns (from Martin) that the man had only a few months to live and he wanted to spare her the pain of seeing him waste away. By leaving, he causes her much anguish. As they are standing in the field overlooking the harbor, Martin embraces Aunty Joan as she weeps and even kisses her hair. Great stuff. (Gloria from Hartford, CT)

PBS Airing Past Episodes of “Doc Martin”


Rocky Mountain PBS — Channel 6 in Denver — is airing Series 1 of “Doc Martin” on Thursdays at 8 p.m. MST.

S1E3, “Sh*t Happens,” will air on November 21.


Check your local PBS channel to determine if the show is running in your area. PBS is expected to broadcast Series 6 beginning in February 2014.

Digital Story of the Nativity

Although this clip is not DM-related, it is so clever, I am posting it as a holiday treat. Whether you are a techie or not, enjoy “The Digital Story of the Nativity.”



Sandro Botticelli

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  1. I’m Flora from Canada. “I’ll run you over”, Penhale said this when he brought the news to Martin and Louisa that Aunty Joan died. Every time I thought of this phrase can’t help but laugh to myself. Don’t you? By the way, I’m a crazy fanatic myself!

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