Farewell, “Doc.” Hello, Diamond-Dennison Mysteries

As we bid a sad farewell to the fabulous “Doc Martin” TV series, I’d like to tell you about my new writing venture. I’ve just published my second novel, Diamond on the High Seas. There are three things I’d like you to know:

  1. The book is published on Amazon. If you like the book, I’ll be very grateful if you post a review on Amazon. 
  2. My new Diamond-Denison-Mysteries website just went live. Please be patient because it still has some kinks to work out, and not all of the sections are complete. Feel free to send suggestions for improvement. I plan to offer freebies for visitors, so you may want to sign up to “follow.”
  3. The book is featured on Discovery! The site has an option to “upvote” it for recognition. Any votes will be appreciated.

Martin Clunes shares his thoughts about playing “Doc Martin” through the years

In this Los Angeles Times’ interview with Martin Clunes, we learn what it was like for him to play the “Doc” character from the beginning to the end of Series 10, a span of 18 years.

Even though Martin admits it is “The best job I’ll ever have,” he has no regrets about the show’s final season. He says, “It just feels quite organically right to stop.”

We’ll all miss new episodes of the “Doc,” but it’s been 10 seasons of great TV programming.

“Doc Martin” Christmas special

ED! gives us a first look at the Doc Martin Christmas special on ITV!

(In case the link doesn’t work, here’s the url: https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/tv/doc-martin-christmas-special-first-look-festive-itv-last-ever-episode/

I’m not sure when it will air in the United States, but I will post the information as soon as it’s available.

The images show the gang together in Portwenn dressed in winter clothes. The town gets a Christmassy makeover as well.

“Doc Martin” Series 10 starts streaming on Acorn Oct. 17

YEAH! The “Doc” is back (at least it soon will be).

TV Series Finale stated that Acorn TV will streaming the final series of “Doc Martin” beginning on  Oct. 17. A documentary special and the series finale special will be released on Dec. 31.

Check the website for the press release which includes additional details about the final episodes. 

My favorite character, Stewart the Ranger, will appear in an early episode. It’s been three years since we’ve enjoyed new episodes of “Doc Martin.” I’m excited, and I’m sure other regular viewers are also.

News and a trailer of “Doc Martin” Season 10

The Tech Education has lots of information on the upcoming Season 10 of “Doc Martin.” Not only news, but you can watch a trailer!

The apparent story line:

The Doc made the decision to leave his position as Portwenn’s doctor at the conclusion of Series 9, after an examination by the General Medical Council. In this final season, the Doc makes an effort to get over his blood phobia and wonders if he made the right choice in retiring. His home will be somewhat chaotic because he and his wife Louisa have already welcomed James Henry’s sibling, Mary Elizabeth, who is apparently four years old.

According to The Tech Education, filming images depict Martin standing next to a car perched on the cliff’s brink! There is a sight of a woman at the base of the cliff, though it’s unclear what exactly happens in the picture.

“Doc Martin” favorite characters: Where are they now?

Express does a nice roundup of favorite characters and tells us what they have been up to since playing on “Doc Martin.” You’ll get updates on Judy Punch (Elaine–my favorite receptionist, although I like all of the women who’ve played the role, but Elaine put the Doc in his place)–and lots of other favorites, including Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole).

Ben Miller (Stewart the Ranger) with Martin Clunes (Doc Martin)

They missed my all-time favorite character and episode, which was Stewart James (Ben Miller) in Series 1, episode 4 “The Portwenn Effect.” Here are a couple sites about Ben Miller. One lists a lot of the shows he’s been in, and the other mentions “Doc Martin” 2022. I wonder if we will see Stewart, the Ranger, in the final series.



“Doc Martin” star Martin Clunes to speak at The Regent cinema in Christchurch in July

Set in an Art Deco original cinema, “A Weekend by the Sea with TPTV” is a celebration of film and TV history, with lots of newsreels, short films, Saturday Morning Pictures, lost TV episodes and films on the big screen (some projected live from 35mm!).

Martin Clunes will speak about his father, Alec Clunes, a film and stage actor who died when Martin was only eight. Alec Clunes’s stage and film roles included parts in the wartime drama “One of Our Aircraft is Missing” and Laurence Olivier’s “Henry V.”

Lots of other celebrities will appear, including Academy Award winner, Sarah Miles. The price is £30 each day or £50 for Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the UK, it sounds like a great event to attend.

Check details at https://www.renownfilms.co.uk/product-category/a-weekend-by-the-sea-with-talking-pictures-tv-at-the-regent-centre-christchurch-july-16th-and-17th-2022/

Martin Clunes’ fans upset about ITV’s on-air blunder in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration

Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. In 2022, she celebrates her 70th year as monarch. To honor the occasion, ITV, “Doc Martin’s” network, put together a special telecast, inviting celebrities to participate.

The event has stirred up controversy by including a long segment with Tom Cruise and then by putting the wrong name on the presentation by its own star, Martin Clunes, whom the Echo calls a “British national treasure.” The name tag that appeared at the bottom of the screen during Martin’s presentation read Damian Lewis OBE.

According to Echo and The Sun, Martin’s fans were upset and took to Twitter. See the story in the Echo and watch a bit of the video in The Sun.

Martin Clunes is filming Series 10 plus a Christmas special

According to Alloa Advertiser, Martin Clunes says he is filming the final eight episodes of “Doc Martin” plus a Christmas special.

ITV’s head of drama, Polly Hill, stated:

“If this really has to be the final series of Doc Martin, we thought we’d also commission a Christmas special.

She added:

“It’ll be sad to see the series come to an end after entertaining audiences on ITV for the last 18 years, but we’ll make sure the finale is memorable and befitting such a success story.”

The shows will run on ITV later this year. I’m not sure when they’ll air in the United States. Read the story and see the photos at https://www.alloaadvertiser.com/news/19932045.martin-clunes-returns-cornwall-final-series-doc-martin/

“Doc Martin” to begin filming this February (2022)

The wait is over! The cast and crew of “Doc Martin” are heading to Cornwall to begin filming Series 10 in the next few days. Sadly, Series 10, reportedly, will be the final season of this very popular show.

Luckily, according to Martin Clunes, the delay gave the writers another year to produce some “really cracking scripts.” Speaking on Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 show on January 10, Martin said: “As I’m reading them, the finished drafts, I’m just beaming when I close the last page thinking, ‘The people who like this programme are going to really like this episode.'”

Martin also said the turnaround time for the new episodes will be “surprisingly quick.” The shows are expected to telecast in the U.K. this fall. When I learn when they will be available in the United States, I’ll post the information. Acorn TV typically streams the series shortly after it runs in the U.K.

Read more about the filming in Cornwall Live.

DIAMOND IN THE DESERT mystery wins Maincrest Media Fiction Book Award

DIAMOND IN THE DESERT tells the tale of a fearless sleuth with a knack for getting to the bottom of even the toughest mysteries. Karen Gilleland artfully combines multiple perspectives and storylines to create an overall vision for a mystery novel that will leave readers wanting more. With strong female characters, each battling their own demons and struggling to find their own courage, DIAMOND IN THE DESERT is a crime novel with believable characters that everyone can relate to. The unique setting at a resort spa deep in the desert and the inclusion of Navajo culture add depth and interest to the storyline and offer a richer reading experience. Gilleland’s mastery over immersive imagery and powerful dialogue engages readers like never before. Diamond in the Desert is a thrilling book filled with surprises that will surely keep any reader on their toes.

DIAMOND IN THE DESERT launches on Amazon

My debut mystery novel, DIAMOND IN THE DESERT, has launched on Amazon. For two days only, Thursday and Friday, Oct. 7 and 8, you can purchase an eBook for 99¢. Print versions are also on sale at reduced prices. If interested, you may order the book here:  DIAMOND IN THE DESERT

A little backstory about the book

The idea for the book was inspired by an interview I did many years ago with Gavin de Becker (GDBA), now the unparalleled leader in protecting at-risk people, from Hollywood stars to oil executives to public figures like Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. 

I’d been toying with the Hope Diamond character over the years, and the novel finally came to fruition during the pandemic. It’s a light crime mystery, set in the Navajo Nation, and splashed with humor and romance.


Diamond in the Desert reminds me of Agatha Christie’s best novels featuring isolated settings and a quirky cast of characters, one of whom is murdered and another is the murderer. The plot takes unexpected twists and turns until the very end when Hope Diamond, intrepid sleuth and security expert extraordinaire, straightens everything out. In the meantime, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. This is a smash debut mystery.

—Margaret Coel, New York Times bestselling author

From “Doc Martin” FanFiction to my first mystery, DIAMOND IN THE DESERT

Thanks to your encouraging comments about my “Doc Martin” FanFiction, I warded off boredom during the pandemic by writing a mystery novel. Diamond in the Desert is very much in the spirit of “Doc Martin.” It’s a light mystery laced with humor and romance. No grumpy hero but plenty of action, intriguing characters, and sinister motives.

Diamond in the Desert will be published on Amazon in a few weeks, and a Hope Diamond Mysteries website is under construction. When the book goes live, I’ll post a notice on this blog. I also plan to post freebee short stories based on the book’s characters here and on the website.

Here’s a taste of the plot.

Hope Diamond, head of Diamond Security, must find a killer among the very clients she is hired to protect. The assignment should have been a routine protection job—security for four wealthy women and their entourages at Secret Sands Resort in the Navajo Nation for a week of secret meetings. That’s until one of the guests turns up dead.

When FBI Agent Matt Dennison lands at Secret Sands, Diamond must overcome his hostility to solve the case. Native customs and the all-encompassing desert permeate the investigation while chindi, the dead woman’s spirit, casts a menacing shadow.

The clock is ticking. Diamond must catch the killer before the guests depart. But how do you unmask a killer you’re being paid to protect?



“Doc Martin” Season 10 production postponed to 2022

Here is the straight scoop on when “Doc Martin” Season 10 will be filmed. This email came directly from Philippa Braithwaite, who is the producer of the show (and Martin Clunes’ wife). Email is dated March 3, 2021.

Hi Karen,

Because of the pandemic we will be filming the final season in 2022.  Hope that clears it up and hope you’re well.

All Best, Philippa

“Doc Martin” creator, Dominic Minghella, battled COVID-19

Fans are wondering how “Doc Martin” will handle the Coronavirus pandemic in Series 10. According to Dominic Minghella, who created the hit show and came down with the virus, COVID-19 is “no joke.” It was so serious that Minghella wrote farewell letters to his children.

Here’s an article in Showbiz CheatSheet in which Minghella describes the experiences and says, “I’m glad to be alive.”

The article also describes the public service announcement that “Doc Martin” cast members made concerning COVID-19.

“No sex, no violence, just a laugh”–The allure of “Doc Martin”

Fans come from all over the world to visit Port Isaac, home to the fictional “Doc Martin.” The Guardian took photos and interviewed fans about why they like the show. One of the locals said, ““I think the show works because there’s no sex, no violence. It’s just a laugh.”

Many of us fans can relate to that idea.

A moment from my own visit.

Martin Clunes will return one more time with his stethoscope

The “Doc” and Louisa (Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz) — We all remember this lovely scene from Series 3.

TechRadar 247 has posted some nice photos of Martin Clunes and the cast of “Doc Martin” in its story, “Doc Martin Season 10: Martin Clunes Is Ready To Return One More Time With His Stethoscope,” about the fact that the end is in sight for the show.

The truth from Martin Clunes about why “Doc Martin” will end with Series 10

In Martin Clunes’ own words, he tells us why he’s pulling the plug on “Doc Martin.” According to Digital Spy, Clunes appeared on the talk show, “Loose Women,” and revealed why it was time for the show to ride off into the sunset.

“All good things have to come to an end, and I’m sure there are lots of people who aren’t fans of the show who think it’s terribly repetitive anyway. But we’re at huge pains not to repeat ourselves,” he said.

“I just think we’ve sort of done everything. I mean, it would be so great to just sort of carry on, but I don’t think we can keep it as good.”

Other news media have picked up the story as well. You can enjoy their take on the news, as well as photos. Here’s a link to Hello!

More insights about “Doc Martin” final season

Lots of comments are coming out about the end of “Doc Martin.” It appears that Martin Clunes and his wife and producer, Philippa Braithwaite, have decided to finish the series. The Express’ headline, which includes the phrase, “Why has Doc Martin been axed?” makes it sound as if it was an ITV decision. You can decide for yourself by reading the full story and seeing the photos at Express.

“Doc Martin” to end with Series 10

The good news is that “Doc Martin” Series 10 will start filming in 2021. The bad news is that it will be the last series in what has been a fabulous run. Read the details in the UPI announcement.

“We have loved making nine series of Doc Martin. When we launched the series in 2004 we could never have imagined how much our loyal viewers would take to the grumpy Doc like they have. The series has avid fans both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world and we are thrilled that Doc Martin has topped the ratings every time,” Clunes and producer Philippa Braithwaite said in a statement.

Filipino binge-watchers rate “Doc Martin” #4 on their list of favorites

According to Pop!, Filipinos are streaming “Doc Martin” in droves.

The arrival of streaming platforms has provided production outfits with new avenues for TV series and movies to reach a wider international audience. We have these online services to thank (like, super thank you) because as modern-day Filipino binge-watchers, we no longer have to limit ourselves to only watching Asian or American feature entertainment. 

“Doc Martin” Series 10 in 2021

Speaking to press at the Virgin Media BAFTA’s pre-ceremony Q&A panel, including Express.co.uk, Doc Martin star Joe Absolom (Al Large) revealed filming for the new series will begin next year, depending on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Joe says: “I hear we go [filming] in March. That would be series 10.”

Read the article and see all the photos and videos at Express.

Carolyn Catz nearly missed out on being cast as Louisa in “Doc Martin”

We all love Louisa and are so happy Carolyn Catz is the actress portraying her in “Doc Martin.” Here’s a story with photos in Showbiz CheatSheet about how she almost didn’t get the part because of her past roles.

“Martin Clunes, 58, spoke with The Los Angeles Times in 2015 about auditioning actor after actor until Caroline Catz read for the role of Doc Martin’s love interest. He knew right away the dark-haired Catz was the one.”

Martin Clunes talks about Series 9 of “Doc Martin.” (Sign up for Acorn TV to watch the episodes beginning Sept. 26.)

James Williams, of NewsTalk Florida, spoke to Martin Clunes, who was at home in England, and the article is posted at https://www.newstalkflorida.com/featured/martin-clunes-talks-about-series-nine-of-doc-martin-that-starts-thursday-on-acorn-tv/

I like what Martin says in response to this question by Williams. 

“Williams: You know if Louisa had a Facebook Page under the relationship tab it would likely read “Married but it’s complicated. How has the relationship between Martin and Louisa changed in series nine?

“Clunes: (Laughs) Yes, Martin would not have a Facebook Page but Louisa would no doubt. Well, I think that things are better between them, it is far less confrontational and much more centered on the family.”

Martin seems to be saying that the series is returning somewhat to the tone of the early series, where Louisa’s character wasn’t so harsh. 

Acorn TV is a streaming service featuring British (and beyond) programming. You can sign up and watch programs 24×7. It’s possible to sign up on Amazon, per this web page: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/offers/signup/?ie=UTF8&benefitID=acorn&ref=DVM_PDS_GOO_US_AC_C_A_BRb_1_ACORN%7Cc_261575225279_m_WC3Xci7N-dc_s__

“Doc Martin” welcomes a new, 3-year-old James Henry, who steals the show

Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz are enjoying working with the newest addition to the cast, Elliott Blake, who plays the three-year-old James Henry. Martin claims he is a “joy to work with.” Read the story in The Sunday Post at: https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/kids-behaving-badly-not-at-all-doc-martins-mini-me-steals-show/