Jack Lothian Penned My Two Favorite Series 6 DM Episodes (E1, E8)

As I look back over Series 6, I find that my two favorite episodes – 1 and 8 – were written by Jack Lothian. He is with the Curtis Brown Literary & Talent Agency, which has represented the likes of John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Norman Mailer, to name a few. Jack has an impressive list of credits – too many to list here – but I expect you’ll find his name on some of your favorite shows.

What does Jack bring to Episodes 1 and 8 that differs from the other episodes. I re-read the first article I ever posted on my blog and believe the answer is in this paragraph:

“Great scripting, laugh-out-loud humor and outstanding performances aside, the compelling power of ‘Doc Martin’ lies in the tender scenes between the ‘Doc’ and Louisa Glasson, played by the beautiful Caroline Catz. Those moments expose the human frailty of the ‘Doc’ and touch the soul with the lightness of a feather.”

All the episodes contain great scripting, humor and outstanding performances, but Episodes 1 and 8 are the only two that include tender scenes between Martin and Louisa. Despite the whirl of events surrounding the couple, Jack delivers the right touch in these special scenes.

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