Martin Clunes Hints about “Doc Martin” Series 7 Story Line


Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 4.50.54 PMIn a March 26, 2014, TV interview on “Good Morning,” Martin Clunes talks about the rationale behind Series 6 and hints about what could happen in Series 7.

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13 thoughts on “Martin Clunes Hints about “Doc Martin” Series 7 Story Line

  1. This makes it official!! There will be a series 7!!!! Can hardly wait, in the meanwhile will continue to watch repeatedly series 1-6.

    • I love Doc Martin, I have just been on a Marathon and watched all 6 series Doc Martin weather as the doctor or just watching him on this interview makes you feel he is in control, very reliable, and feels deeply. I am so sorry to hear they feel it might get old. I am just as interested as in the first one. Love the characters, and the story plots, in fact they have some great ones coming up in the new series. This USA I love all the English series. Clean – refreshing and intelligent. Thank you for Doc Martin- keep um coming.

  2. Really hope DocMartin series carries on love watching all the series over and over…cant wait for series 7 and hope there will be more…Love Doc Martin…

    • Just watched the interview of Martin Clune and was surprised to see a young vibrant Doc Martin :-). The series portray him much older. Just love the series. Any guestimate as to when in 2015 we shall see the series continue?

  3. I enjoy doc Martin very much I watch it on Netflix every night if series 7 comes out where will I be able to watch it? The most relaxing tv program I’ve ever watched wish I could live in this little fishing village!,

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