Martin Clunes on Cornwall and “Doc Martin”

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 8.11.13 AMCornwall Life has an interesting interview with Martin Clunes. Along with other quotes, he states:

“We are making a series next year, so I was lying again when I said that it might be the last one. We’ve got a good idea how to do the next one but we really don’t want to repeat ourselves, and that’s always the challenge. If we run out of ideas I think we should stop – that’s important no matter what you do.


“But I’d hate it if that day came. We are left completely to our own devices in Cornwall, as everybody at ITV is too busy worried about every thing else. Long may it remain that way!”

Read the entire article at:

1 thought on “Martin Clunes on Cornwall and “Doc Martin”

  1. Hi to all

    Thank you for your update but being such a Doc Martin tragic I enjoy reading everything I can get my hands on.

    Kind regards

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