“Doc Martin” filming begins in Cornwall


“Doc Martin” filming just began in Port Isaac. I’m feeling nostalgic that I can’t return this year. Here I am with “Al” (Joe Absolom) in April 2015. 

According to Deadline: “In season nine, the Doc’s career is hanging in the balance. His future as a GP is under scrutiny from the General Medical Council following complaints about his irascible approach to patients. It’s not clear whether season nine is the final season of the Buffalo Pictures-produced drama but Clunes has hinted that he hopes to return for more episodes

“Clunes said, ‘We love going to Cornwall to make Doc Martin, and we miss it when we are not there. The county is so beautiful, and the people have been so warm and welcoming to us.  It is the best job in television.'”

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3 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” filming begins in Cornwall

  1. I feel nostalgic as well.  You and I had our picture taken in 2015 with the Doc and you published Martin and me picture on this site. Alice Otrysko(226) 665-0306

  2. Can’t wait. Leaving Wednesday the 28th for a few days in London with our daughter, then a week in Port Isaac. Been planning this for a year! So excited.

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