Doc Martin’s Mrs. Tishell and Sigourney Weaver dish on their 40-year friendship


RadioTimes has an in-depth feature on Sigourney Weaver and Selina Cadell (Mrs. Tishell), in which they share stories about their friendship.

“When my friend Peter first mentioned Sigourney, a friend of his from Yale Drama School, I thought it was an extraordinary name. Very exotic. Peter and I were to meet her in a pub in London’s Swiss Cottage that looked like a chalet and was surrounded by roads.

“Sigourney was slightly late. I looked up to see this wonderful gazelle-like creature leaping over the small wall that separated us from the road. She was wearing a circular skirt, white ankle socks and trainers. I was struck by her height and incredible beauty.”

Read the story and see photos at:


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