Fan Photo with Martin Clunes in Paris

Noel with Martin Clunes

NoelJames Dupont met Martin Clunes by chance outside the shops near the Louvre in Paris on April 28, 2010. “I said that we loved the show, ‘Doc Martin,’ and watched it religiously,” says Noel.

“Martin replied with, ‘Oh, my gosh, that was about eight years ago that we filmed that show.’

“I said, ‘No matter, my family enjoyed the character he played and the quirkiness of each person in the series. We all have our favorite.’

“I asked for a photo with him and that was that. Actually, I stood there as he walked away, thinking, ‘I just met Doc Martin and he didn’t tell me that I should have something examined and to make an appointment!’

“I would enjoy seeing him come to America. He has a phantom following here.” 

Photo posted with permission of NoelJames Dupont.

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