Acorn TV Will Stream “Doc Martin” Series 7 to U.S. Audiences Beginning October 5!

Acorn TV — a streaming service devoted entirely to British dramas, comedies, mysteries and documentaries — announces the news all of us in the United States have been waiting tounnamed hear:

“Acorn TV is thrilled to announce the acquisition and U.S. premiere of the newest season of “Doc Martin,” one of the most popular U.K. series in the world, beginning Monday, October 5.”

Called the “chief curators of the best Brit TV” by Time magazine, Acorn TV has also been listed as #1 by Tech Times of the “14 lesser-known movie and TV streaming services you need in your life right now.”

You can subscribe to Acorn TV for a small monthly or annual fee. See the details at: on the picture of Martin Clunes and the words “Membership Options.”

Here is the announcement from RLJ Entertainment, which owns Acorn TV, about the upcoming series:

Silver Spring, MD; August 31, 2015 – Following the U.S. Premieres of the BAFTA Award-winning comedy Detectorists and the highly anticipated new Agatha Christie series Partners in CrimeAcorn TV presents the U.S. Premiere of DOC MARTIN, SERIES 7, the newest season of the smash hit ITV and Acorn TV series. Doc Martin stars BAFTA winner Martin Clunes (Arthur & George, Men Behaving Badly, Shakespeare in Love) in an uproarious lead performance as a tactless, self-centered, and uptight doctor in a quirky seaside town in Cornwall. Acorn TV debuts the first two episodes of the eight episode season on Monday, October 5, 2015, followed by a new episode every Monday through its season finale on Monday, November 16. Available at Acorn.TV and on a variety of devices, Acorn TV is the premier streaming service for world class television from Britain and beyond from RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE). Currently, Acorn TV features all previous seasons (Series 1-6) readily available to watch anytime for catch-up viewing.

Called “completely addictive” (Slate) and “absolutely bloody hilarious” (London Evening Standard), Doc Martin has become one of the most successful British series in the U.S. with new fans continuing to discover the series on Acorn TV, public television, and on DVD. In the U.K., Doc Martin is one of ITV’s highest-rated drama series, while in the U.S. the last season was the #1 show on many public television stations and Acorn’s fastest-selling DVD of all-time. The series is also a global phenomenon, having sold to more than 70 countries, with licensed local versions in France, Germany, Spain, Russia, and many more

Series 7 is shaping up to be another entertaining and eventful visit to Portwenn. The new season begins with Doc Martin alone in Cornwall while Louisa (Caroline CatzMurder in Suburbia) and their son visit her mother in Spain. Realizing that he needs to make changes for the sake of his marriage, Martin promises Louisa that he will see a therapist and work to win her back. In addition to Martin and Louisa’s troubles, the eccentric residents of Portwenn—including fan favorite supporting characters like Bert Large and Mrs. Tishell—face their own trials and tribulations.

Also returning this season are Dame Eileen Atkins (Upstairs, Downstairs, Cranford, Gosford Park) as the Doc’s formidable Aunt Ruth, Ian McNeice  (Doctor Who, Rome) as Bert Large, Joe Absolom (Hatfields & McCoys) as his son Al, Jessica Ransom as receptionist Morwenna Newcross, and Selina Cadell as pharmacist Mrs Tishell. Picturesque Port Isaac on the North Cornwall coast is the setting for the fictional town of Portwenn. Doc Martin is created by Dominic Minghella, produced by Buffalo Pictures, and distributed by DRG.

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14 thoughts on “Acorn TV Will Stream “Doc Martin” Series 7 to U.S. Audiences Beginning October 5!

  1. A little confused. Thought Acorn waz streaming service. When I go to sign up it states dad’s will be shipped and I have to pay shipping. Also disappointed auto renewal required. Anyone in US use this service? What are the shipping charges? Is it not available as streaming?

  2. Well I made an effort to sign up for Acorntv but determined the sony bluray dvd player I have is not an acorntv supported device. My samsung tv is apparently not smart enough and to fae from router. Now im wondering if anyone signed up for acorntv and is steeaming to their laptop using windosw 7 and ie8? My only other option to maybe see doc martin 7 starting 10/5.

  3. Hi Roxie, I don’t know anything about streaming via laptops. I will ask Acorn about it. However, I use Roku. You purchase a unit and can stream any of the services (netflix, hulu, etc.). Once you purchase a Roku unit, there is NO other fee. Here’s a website:
    I notice the models have changed since I purchased my unit two years ago, but mine would be similar to the first picture shown, for $49.99. It is VERY EASY to install.

  4. Thanks to Acorn TV for providing the answer to Roxie’s question about streaming:

    “Here are the browsers Acorn TV works with (It works with most browsers including IE 8).

    “Browser: at or above – Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 20, Safari 5, Chrome 27, or Opera 12
    Browser Plug-ins: Most recent versions of JavaScript for your browser
    Adobe Flash Player (13.0 or above ideally) or Quicktime player on IPAD/IPHONE
    Internet Connection: Broadband internet access optimal if 1.6 MBPS or above”

    • Yep good news. At minimum I’ll watch on my laptop and find him I cable to project thru tv. Will not be able to capture it though for reviewing but for now just glad they gave us a season 7. Now I need to clear space on laptop so no glitches in the streaming.

  5. I just got an email from John Russell John is collecting emails from Doc Martin Fans who would like to see a season 8. Once John has collected 1000 emails the list will be sent to Mr. Clunes. John said that so far only two people have sent him an email to

    I am really surprised that no one else has emailed? Mr. Clunes stated that if enough people wanted a season 8 he would be willing to do another season. So come on people show your love and send an email to John Russell letting him know that we want more Doc Martin and that seven seasons is just not enough.

    John, I suggest you title the petition “Please, sir, I want some more” that famous line from the book Oliver Twist.

  6. I am from a small town in Point Pleasant, WV, USA. I watch Doc Martin on PBS. It is my favorite program. Martin Clues is excellent, in his role as Doc. Martin. I am looking forward to watching season 7. It begins tonight in my area. Thank you for Doc. Martin, and hopefully a season 8.

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