At the Scene of “Doc Martin,” Series 7 — Part 6 — Memories and Favorite Photos


As the week drew to a close, I had collected a treasure chest of memories. First and foremost, I will remember the fleeting, but touching, moments with Martin Clunes — his charisma, patience, sense of humor and thoughtfulness toward this insanely addicted fan.

For example, at the end of my scene (see Part 5), people were moving onto another location. I was standing in the doorway of the shop. Martin came over, called me by name, shook hands, said he had to leave and wanted to say good-by. We chatted for several minutes before he left. A kind and lovely gesture by a very classy gentleman.

Johnny Bamford arranged for a friend, Annabel Yates, professionalIMG_3171 photographer in Cornwall, to take the above photograph. After taking pictures in the morning, she rushed home, printed them, and presented me with large copies at the tea at the farmhouse. (Part 4). I am so very grateful to her for preserving this beautiful moment.

In this final segment, I thought I’d spotlight our motley crew — four Yanks and two Brits — Linda Villelli (California), Joseph Barnett (Maine), Viola Brown (Tennessee), Karen Gilleland (Colorado), and John & Pam Russell (Norwich, England). Except for my niece, Linda, I met all of these great fans via my blog.

We all had a wonderful time in picturesque Port Isaac eating Cornish “pasties,” fish & chips, and clotted cream fudge, not to mention meeting and greeting the people who make “Doc Martin.” I mentioned to Martin that we were hoping for a happier, lighter Series 7. He replied, “We have lots of very funny stuff.”

Here are some of our favorite photographs.

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I was disappointed not to meet Philippa Braithwaite, Martin’s wife, producer, and the hand and heart behind “Doc Martin.” Fortunately, Viola Brown caught her at the harbor and snapped  this photo.




Johnny Bamford (L) and Ian McNeice (Bert). Johnny, who, I was interested to learn, hasIMG_2550 lived all around the world, was originally tapped to secure locations for the movie, “Saving Grace,” which eventually spawned “Doc Martin.” He worked on the two prequel “Doc Martin” films and is now in his seventh season as location manager for the “Doc Martin” TV series.

Johnny knows every inch of Cornwall and has a sixth sense when it comes to finding exactly the right place for any given story line. I’m extremely grateful to Johnny for all he did to make our visit unique and memorable.


IMG_2611IMG_2591(L) Linda voted John Marquez friendliest cast member. He signed the postcard she’s holding.

(R) Warren Tribe with Karen, another friendly guy.


IMG_2602Tom dog trainerSonia and Tom are the dog trainers who trained Dodger (Buddy). Tom is holding a dog that played Queen Victoria’s dog in a movie.


Linda and Dodger dog 2015


(L) Linda, who has three Black Labs at home, fell in love with every dog she met. Filming is going on behind her in “Squeeze Alley.”

(R) Gorgeous dogs of every breed were plentiful. Martin stopped to greet many of them — and their owners.


(L) Caroline Catz (Louisa) and Pam Russell.

(R) Apparently there was a dog in this purse.



(L) Joe Absolom (Al). It isn’t the frozen North, but Port Isaac can definitely chill your bones.

(R) Louisa and Martin between takes.

Morwenna 2015


(L) Katie Moore (Janice), Jessica Ransom (Morwenna) during rehearsal, script in hand.

(R) Martin, in action during scene at harbor.




(L) I took this photo of a crew member (L) and John Russell because I thought they looked so much alike.

(R) His third visit to Port Isaac proved the charm for Joseph Barnett, who met Martin for the first time.


unnamedScenic port isaac(L) Viola Brown was camera shy in Port Isaac, so Joseph sent this pix from her visit in Maine.

(R) Linda’s favorite pastime was walking the hill high above Port Isaac and taking photos.


Two years ago, when I watched the first episode of “Doc Martin,” I never imagined myself entering the world of blogging, writing 27 FanFiction short stories, and appearing as an “extra” on the set in Cornwall.

I appreciate the many notes from readers saying they’ve enjoyed sharing the adventure via these reports. In closing this virtual scrapbook, I’d like to extend Bob Hope’s famous line to the cast, crew and other fans that I met during this magical week– “Thanks for the memories.”

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To read all articles and FanFiction, go to the front page of


29 thoughts on “At the Scene of “Doc Martin,” Series 7 — Part 6 — Memories and Favorite Photos

  1. Hi Karen
    Like you I am sorry that your trip has come to an end. I have throughly enjoyed every post you have put up, you certainly made everything so real and Iam sure it took some time to do. I sincerely thank you for your posts and making it all so real.
    Take care

  2. I wholeheartedly concur with sentiments left here by your fans Karen. Your kindness in sharing your good fortune with us in words and pictures knows no bounds. Thank you so much for sharing with us Doc Martin fans.

  3. Karen, you saved the best for last! I am very happy for you and if I may add, a little jealous too, for an insanely addicted fan of Doc Martin, you lived a dream come true!!! Thank you for sharing your treasure chest of happy memories from your trip to the ‘land of Doc Martin.’

  4. Karen, what a wonderful picture of you & Martin. What a treasure!!! You certainly had an experience of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing it with us! I’m curious if any of the crew had ever read any of your DM fan fiction. As I have told you before, your stories are great & I always look forward to reading them. Looking forward to your next story!

    • Hi Mary, there was no need to swear us to secrecy because I have no idea of any plot. They shoot the scenes randomly, it seemed to me. One minute it was with Al and Morwenna at the Life Boat Station; next it was Martin at the harbor. I couldn’t hear much of the dialog so haven’t a clue was the scenes were about.

  5. Karen, Thanks for all the posts. I have enjoyed them all and they were very informative. The above picture of you with Martin is just great and you look so beautiful. Since a picture of Annabelle Apsion (Jenny) was not in any of them am I to assume she is not going to be with us on season 7? I have seen her in recent episodes of “Call the Midwife” I hope so as I like Burt and think he needs some one. Questions I wonder about: Is Louisa still carrying that brown woven leather handbag after all this time? Has time elapsed between Series 6 and 7. It appears not since James is still so small.
    Is Al’s business going to get off the ground? I hope so. I am so fond of Al. As a matter of fact I love all of the characters except Mrs T. She’s just not lovable. But this is due to the acting ability of Selena Cadell. She does a great job. All the actors are very good . I can’t bear the thought of one of them going missing. Are they ever going to allow Morwenna to dress well? I can’t imagine anyone working in a doctor’s office dressing in that manner. Morwenna is the most intelligent receptionist/offrice manager Martin has had. She is such a good actor and tells a story with her face. Your comments about Martin were what I had perceived about him.
    Thanks so very much for taking us with you, even if just a little bit, on you trip.
    God Bless,

    • Thanks Carolyn. I don’t know about Annabelle Apsion (Jenny). I didn’t see her, but then I didn’t see Mrs. Tischell, and others who went on different weeks did see her.
      I’m not sure about the handbag, but you have to remember that time doesn’t move forward two years each season. James is still a baby.

      The beginning of a new season often begins the next day from when the previous season ended. Remember Louisa giving birth at the end of S4, and S5 opened with her at the hospital.

      Morwenna is definitely the brightest of the bunch, although Pauline was sharp. I don’t think her dress will change much. I’ve liked all the receptionists, especially Elaine because she was such a counterfoil to the Doc.

      Yes, Martin is definitely a lovely man.

  6. Dear stuff, can you tell me when Series 7 of the excellent Doc Martin tv show will be finshed fileming.And showen on tv, thank you.regards Dave from Tasmania. 

    • Hi, filming will finish the end of July. I don’t know when the show will air in different countries. Do you recalls hen Season 6 aired in Tasmania? If so, perhaps S7 will be broadcast on the same schedule. When I asked about the United States, I was told nothing had been arranged yet.

  7. Monday 25 May 15

    Hello from Orlando Karen,
    I knew you would “get it right”. Amazingly, you really got “Up Close and Personal” with our Hero! You look so calm, collected, and downright cool in your photos. But I know you couldn’t have been. LAUGH. No way. Excitement must have been your constant companion especially the day of your walk-on. Lucky lady. In your shoes last week, I would have walked around wearing the silliest, happiest grin, constantly. (Some of us are more sophisticated than others!) LAUGH. I adore Martin Clunes’ excellent work, love to look at him, love hearing his sexy voice as he narrates interesting documentaries… and I respect that he clearly lives by high values. By all accounts, he consistently is a fair man of his word and a reliable gracious professional. His gentle caring seems inherent and genuine. Obviously his Mum did a great job raising him. Interestingly, your photos captured a lot of his genuineness… his true demeanor, and his expressive warm eyes. Sigh. There you were Karen, all of last week… close enough for him to breathe on you… Oh God! (LAUGH) While you were in PI, I imagined that you sometimes felt like “it is a dream”. The PI adventure book you created is loaded with exciting tidbits and lots of amazing photos. Undoubtedly, quite a bit of time was used to select events for priority photo memories; how you wanted to setup, organize and track each days pics, etc. I am grateful and so glad that you cared to create such an enthusiastic account of your trip. I’m only one of many who eagerly logged on daily to see “what news & lovely photos from Karen today?” THANK you. Program updates from you were important to me… important to our fan club. Thanks very much for the fun Karen.
    Peggy Allen, Orlando FL

    • Hi Peggy, thanks much for your lovely note. Yes, your view of Martin Clunes is accurate — a gentle, caring, gracious professional. A very lovely man. I did feel as though I were in a dream that week in Port Isaac, and I get a special feeling when I look at the photos. All the people I met were friendly, helpful and clearly enjoyed being part of the “Doc Martin” experience. Wish I could go back.

      • I am glad for you… and at the same time I REALY envy you. LAUGH. Glad it all that hoped… and sounds like even more. Can’t ask for more than that. Warmly, Peggy

  8. Karen, were you able to see “Arthur and George” while you were in the UK? Has it aired in the US? I see that the DVDs are not formatted for the US. Please let us know when and where it will be shown. Or have I missed it already?
    I’m waiting with impatience for your #28 episode.
    Mary O.

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